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Hotel Information for Consumers

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Hotel Information for Hotels

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It is estimated that in 2016 more than 55% of hotel bookings will occur from a mobile device. Interestingly, most of those bookings will occur in the destination city of the hotel, and most consumers will check in on the same day of booking the hotel.

"Hotels Near Me" is quickly becoming the most searched keyword term for consumer hotel discovery and booking within the US. Searches for "Hotels Near Me" will reach more than 3.5 million consumers in the month of July 2016. It is estimated that by the end of Q1 2017 "Hotels Near Me" will be the single most searched keyword term in travel.

Hotels that are interested in learning more about HotelsNearMe and how they can directly manage their listing on, can request more information here.

HotelsNearMe is a unique hotel discovery and direct booking platform that allows consumers to research hotels and directly connect with them – completely bypassing any third party channels. You will not find advertisements on HotelsNearMe as it makes no money from travel related advertising or partnerships.

HotelsNearMe simply provides consumers with factual information about hotels and various methods of directly communicating and booking with their desired destination hotel.

There are a number of consumer advantages to "Direct Booking" when it comes to travel, especially for hotel reservations. Often, consumers save more money simply by bypassing "Hotel Booking Sites" and "Meta Travel Search Sites" because hotels offer customers, who book direct, greater discounts through their loyalty programs. Joining a loyalty program offered by a hotel doesn’t require anything more than simply registering.

Fact: Hotel Search Sites Are Not Allowed To Sell A Room For Less Than The Hotel Can

So how does HotelsNearMe make money? It doesn't. HotelsNearMe is a subsidiary company of HealthNetwork Group, a national insurance benefits company. HealthNetwork, which as a company reaches more than 35 million consumers within the United States annually, operates a number of properties that simply exist to provide real cost savings to consumers and businesses. Providing cost savings to consumers is part of the HealthNetwork business model.